Conditions for rental

You must be at least 21 years old to rent a car at Bislet Bilutleie. Renters must also have had their driver's license for at least 2 consecutive years. Exceptions may be made for organisations/companies renting cars if their driver is younger than the requirement. This has to be agreed beforehand. Please note that this may result in changes to the conditions pertaining to insurance and own-risk limits. For some vehicle categories the minimum age may even be higher than 21 years.

Customers who do not have a credit or invoice agreement with us are required to provide a deposit prior to renting a car. We do this by reserving an amount equivalent to the rental amount, with the addition of an amount to cover extra expenses, on the customer's credit card. The reserved amount is never actually withdrawn from the customer's account, but until the rental is completed and paid, the amount will not be accessible. Due to a small delay in our receiving information about automatic toll charges, we normally need 2-3 days to settle your account after the car is returned. When we have debited your card with the correct amount covering rental, toll charges and fuel, the remaining amount reserved will be released. It may take another day or two for your bank or credit card company to release the amount so that it is made available for your use. Please note that we only accept credit cards as payment. Debit cards issued by Visa or Mastercard are also accepted.

All reservations are binding. Reservations must be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time to avoid a cancellation fee.

Our rental prices include liability coverage insurance. In the event of damage, all rentals will be charged a deductible.

It is possible to reduce the deductible amount for a small daily fee. Without a pre-agreed/pre-paid deductible reduction, the deductible amounts will be from 30.000 to 50.000 NOK, depending on the vehicle category and size.

These are our charges for deductible reduction:





NOK 100

NOK 350

NOK 6 000


NOK 100

NOK 450

NOK 8 500


NOK 100

NOK 450

NOK 10 000


NOK 125

NOK 750

NOK 10 000

Deductible reduction must be agreed prior to rental.

As per agreement.


Automatic toll fees will be charged in arrears. The chips installed in our vehicles .


Any parking tickets or traffic violations incurred by the renter remain the sole responsibility of the renter. Tickets should be paid without delay. Please note that privately owned parking often charge for parking 24 hours/day. Should you fail to pay your ticket on time you will be charged an extra penalty and administration fee. 



1. During rental and until the vehicle has been safely returned to BISLET BILUTLEIE, the renter assumes full responsibility for the vehicle, and will use it as if it were his own. This includes parking tickets and traffic violations. The renter is fully liable for all damages to the vehicle and any damaged caused by the vehicle (in accordance with Norwegian rental agreement conditions). 

2. In case of collision damage or other damage to the vehicle, BISLET BILUTLEIE or its insurance company reserve the right of recourse from the renter if the renter has demonstrated gross negligence or failed to adhere to the duties of the renter as set out in the rental conditions. Any damage must be reported to the rental company or its representative without delay. In case of grave damage it should also be reported to the police. If the renter fails to abide by these rules, the renter is at risk of being held responsible for the entire cost.

3. Theft, fire, vandalism, personal injury and injury to animals should always be reported to both the rental company and the police without delay. 

4. The renter's deductible is payable without delay when an accident has occurred. (according to applicable Norwegian rental conditions) 

5. The renter will be charged deductible(s) for each damage incurred, if there are several.


1. The size of the renter's deductible as per item 4 above may be reduced if the renter, at the start of the rental, takes out a Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W) Insurance and/or Theft Protection (T.P.) Insurance. 

2. The renter cannot invoke such coverage unless it is specifically stated in the rental agreement.

3. Damages to the vehicle as a result of negligence and carelessness are NOT covered by CDW insurance/deductible reduction. Damages caused by negligence may be (but are not limited to) the following: 

A. Damages to the vehicle caused by shifted cargo, or cargo which has not been properly wrapped or secured. 
B. Burn marks, stains or cuts to the upholstery etc. 
C. Reversing without assistance.
D. Driving with a punctured tyre.
E. Damage caused by snowslide from roofs where markers are in place. 
F. Damage to the vehicle body/chassis caused by the use of snow chains.
G. Damage caused by driving the vehicle in places which are not sufficiently spacious to fit the vehicle in height, width or length (such as trying to pass under a bridge/overpass which is lower than the vehicle.  
H. Damage caused by driving outside public roads or in areas closed to ordinary traffic, unless written acceptance from the renter has been obtained in advance.


1. The renter is obligated to treat the rented vehicle with care, and not: 

  1. Use the vehicle for practice driving
  2. Bring the vehicle out of the country without the express consent of the renter
  3. Use the vehicle for illegal/criminal activities
  4. Leave the vehicle to others, or let it be driven by others than the driver(s) already approved by the renter at the start of the rental
  5. Use the vehicle for car races, speed tests or competitions
  6. Tow other vehicles
  7. Transport more people than the vehicle is registered for 
  8. Drive the rented vehicle while intoxicated, whether by alcohol, drugs, medicines or other.
  9. Leave the car unlocked
  10. Load the car with more cargo/weight than it is registered for 

If the renter violates any of these rules, the renter will be financially liable for any and all damage resulting from this, and related loss and extra expenses.  

2. Should a collision damage occur, or damage from driving off the road or a technical error occur which makes it impossible to continue driving, the renter is obligated to inform BISLET BILUTLEIE about this without delay. If a technical error can be repaired/corrected within a time frame which is reasonable in relation to the renter’s needs and the duration of the rental agreement, the renter cannot cancel the rental. Should the renter decide to cancel, the renter will be responsible for the rent until the vehicle has been returned to the rental company -  however, with deduction for the time the vehicle was out of order. If the rental agreement is cut short by the renter in such an instance, the renter will be responsible for the costs incurred by the rental company for getting the vehicle returned. If repair of the vehicle cannot be completed within a reasonable time frame, the rental company decides whether to bring a new vehicle to the customer as a replacement in order to continue the rental agreement, or if the rental agreement should be considered cancelled from the time the rental company was informed of the error by the renter. In that case, the rental company will return the vehicle at its own cost, and the rental company will be without responsibility for any loss or responsibility on behalf of the renter.  

3. The renter is obligated to undertake lubrication of the vehicle and oil change in accordance with the rental company’s instructions or when this is considered necessary. Costs for oil are refunded by the rental company to the renter upon receipt from petrol/service station where the vehicle’s registration number and speed is clearly stated. Oil and antifreeze, as well as the tires’ air pressure should be controlled at every refueling.


The renter's financial responsibility is specified in the rental company's "Norwegian rental conditions" and price lists, which the renter, by signing the rental agreement, accepts as a part of the rental agreement. 


The rental company disclaims all responsibility versus the renter for any loss of time, money or other, which may occur as a result of or in connection with the rental agreement.

The rental company's responsibility for forgotten items etc. The rental company takes no responsibility for damage to or loss of property which has been left, kept or transported in the vehicle by the renter, or left in the vehicle after return to the rental company. The renter exempts the rental company for any demands related to such loss. 

Important: The charge for fines or tickets which are unpaid or paid too late will be 100%, i.e. a doubling of the amount in question, in order to cover the costs of the extra work involved. We strongly urge you to pay any tickets or fines immediately to avoid this.