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V2E - Large Electric van, 12m3
V2E - Large Electric van, 12m3 e-Transit Dashbord e-Transit Varerom bakdør e-Transit Varerom sidedør e-Transit front e-Transit side
Large cargo van for quite a large moving load. We recommend this type of car for moving in the city, as they are easy to manoeuvre in city traffic. Many people prefer to fill this car up a few times and drive a few rounds because it is fast, easy and manageable, compared to a much larger vehicle. Most large items found in a home will fit in this car. Some of these cars are equipped with a tow bar. Please let us know if you require a car with a tow bar. Loading height is 59 centimetres.

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    You can surcharge (kr. 144,- pr day) reduce the deductible to a maximum of NOK 5000 by damage.

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